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Ozone Coffee - Nicaragua Encanto 250g

Ozone Coffee - Nicaragua Encanto 250g


Notes - Papaya, Milk Chocolate, Muscavado

Method - Fully Washed

Producer - The Mierisch family

Region - Matagalpa

Elevation - 860-900 masl

Process - Caturra


Coffees grown at the Encanto farm benefit from being cultivated in plenty of shade from the sun. In fact, around 45% of the coffee growing area lies in the shade of red Guava trees, or ‘Monkey-Tail’ plants, and coral trees. This allows for slower maturation of the coffee’s natural sugars which raises levels of sweetness and acidity.


Employees from El Encanto usually come from the nearby community of Los Placeres and so share many social benefits such as free preschool facilities for their families as well as health care. The people of this area are very mindful of protecting and maintaining their local environment so they always ensure that more trees are planted than cut down.



Dose: 17.5g
Time: 28 – 30 secs
Yield: 36g



Aeropress: Inverted
Dose: 16g
Water: 240ml / 89 °C
Time: 2 mins

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