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Ozone Coffee - Brothers Blend 250g

Ozone Coffee - Brothers Blend 250g


Notes - Milk chocolate, Apricot, Lemon & Lime

Method - Fully Washed

Region - El Yalcon, Huila, Colombia / Santa Izabel, Minas Gerais, Brazil

Process -  Colombia, Caturra / Bourbon, Mundo Novo


Our seasonal Brothers Blend changes its components around every six months with the arrival of fresh crop coffees. Roasted a little lighter than our other blends, it showcases the unique character of the coffees we use by accentuating sweetness and acidity as well as the outstanding work of our sourcing partners at origin. This incarnation brings together coffees from El Yalcon, Colombia and Santa Izabel, Brazil.


We have been sourcing coffees from El Yalcon for three years, and there are 36 smallholder farmers who contribute to this coffee. We always look forward to fresh crop from El Yalcon because of the consistently excellent quality. This season we are excited to include a Brazil component into Brothers Blend from one of our favourite farms, Fazenda Santa Izabel, that we source each year in collaboration with one of our most trusted and longest-standing partners and friends at Falcafé. As espresso you can expect Brothers Blend to be bright and juicy, bursting with sweetness and full of clarity.



Dose: 17g
Time: 27 secs
Yield: 36g

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