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Origin Coffee - House Espresso - Packs of 10

Origin Coffee - House Espresso - Packs of 10


Notes - Chocolate, Nuts, Caramel

Method - Pulped Natural

Producer - Ricardo Barbosa, Adriano Virgulino Muniz & Osvaldo Bachiao

Region - Mariano, Das Almas & Sao Joao

Elevation - 1,120-1,600 masl

Process - Catuai, Mundo Novo & Acaia


Origin's delicious, sustainable coffee is now available in Nespresso® compatible 100% aluminium capsules for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. 


This coffee has a delicious richness, low acidity with a chocolate, nut-like profile and a caramel sweetness. Flavour notes of chocolate, nuts and caramel.



  • Use filtered water
  • Place scales under cup, insert capsule, press any button and allow to brew until 25g is in the cup
  • Don't press button multiple times, please read manual to adjust buttons if more or less water is required
  • If you don't have scales, the target volume is 25ml.